Die Fasola sind frei

Singers, please give me feedback on these lyrics; they are intended to be singable by children.

PDF file: Fasola sind frei (4 voices)

Note that in the first line of the first stanza, none of the syllables "fa so la mi" map onto the notes that are actually sung.
In the second stanza, "fa la la fa la so" maps onto the tenor notes in an obvious way.
At the end of the first stanza, there is a non-obvious mapping of the penultimate syllable, which is echoed in the last stanza.
The last word of the first stanza is also the "fa-flag" (pennant) mnemonic, flapping in the wind.

This is a possibility.
But I would like some feedback before I rewrite the whole thing.

Swiss schoolchildren singing 3 stanzas of the historical freethinkers song (in German of course).
Wiki article on significance of this song.

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