LilyPond and Shape Note Singing

Download LilyPond Here. It's free, but takes some time to learn.


Fasoli is a discussion group for shape-note users of LilyPond (fasola + lilypond). The interestion of the LilyPond users group and the Fasola-discussion group
This is a private group, so you can feel free to ask any question.

Membership Profile
1. Shape note singers learning Lilypond.
2. People who already use LilyPond for other purposes, but suddenly decide to do a shapenote project & need a crash course.
3. Helpful & experienced LilyPond users who provide friendly advice to (1) and (2).

Our goals & issues, loosely defined


Some of us will attempt to organize the issues and answers from the Fasoli discussion, develop clueful learning materials & reference articles, and put them on LilyNet Currently (March 26, 2010) these (embryonic) files are available on LilyNet. Introduction and "portal" page (basic)

Template based upon Old Hundred (basic)

Use together with the Old Hundred page here on Hosorembo website.

Sacred Harp Heads (basic) How to specify the 4 shapes. (This is already included in the Template).

Shape Note Accidentals (advanced)

Shape Note Repeats (advanced)

Shape Note Repeats (advanced)
Here's a list of the LilyPond files on this website (Hosorembo). Use them as templates. That's why they're here. If you have questions for your particular application, send me email or join Fasoli and ask the group (that's why it's there).

1. Lisbon
2. Walpole
3. New Concord
4. Tenor for In Evil Long
5. Spring
6. Psalm 119

7. Chester with original words.

A wikimedia for out-of-copyright sheet music that can be set to shape notes. For instance Supply Belcher's The Harmony of Maine.
Thirty-one English translations of Japanese frog leaping into an old pond.

Resources for Composers and Publishers

Reference page from Warren Steele's Sacred Harp site at Ole Miss about Music Notation software options for shape note; (page is actually maintained by Steven L. Sabol).

Sing with us in Culver City, California on Thursdays.

More information on Shape Note Singing in general
Local Shape Note singings around the country
Contact: David Olson (310) 410-9033 for more details.

Singing location: 4427 Overland Avenue, Culver City, California
Close to "The Spot Cafe & Lounge"