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Tune name index to American Vocalist.
This index was created April 13, 2010.

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Page  No. Incipit (first line)
115 A charge to keep I have
259 A father is praying
277 A poor wayfaring man
317 Afflictions tho' they
271 Ah, guilty sinner
111 Ah, when shall I awake From sin's soft soothing power?
279 (Sacramental Hymn), 298 Alas! and did my Savior
298 (Remember Me), 279 Alas! and did my Savior
351 All the week we spend
298 Amazing grace!
287 Am I a soldier
108 And are we yet alive
148 Arise, my soul, arise
286 At life's early morn
302 Away from his home
210 (Denmark) Before Jehovah's aweful throne
346 Beside the gospel pool
234 Blessed, Blessed, Blessed be the Lord
319 Blest are the humble
113 Blest are the sons
200 Brightest and best
278 Brother I go
317 Burst ye emerald gate
105 Can sinners hope
263 (Warren), 283 Children of the heavenly King
283 (Victory), 263 Children of the heavenly King
267 Children of Zion
250 (Love Feast) Come and let us sweetly
004 Come hither all
056 Come Holy Spirit
073 Come humble sinner
193 Come let us anew our journey pursue
341 Come my brethren
143 Come on my partners
331 Come precious soul
250 Come sinners to the gospel
324, 327 Come thou Font (324: Camp of the Hebrews; 327 When We Pass Over Jordan
327, 324 Come thou Font
221 Come ye disconsolate
121 (Iowa), 126 Come ye that love
126 (Corelli), 121 Come ye that love
055 Death my dissolve
337 Delay not
352 Enlisted in the cause of sin
206 Fading still fading, the last beam is shining
312 Farewell dear friends I must be gone
318 Farewell mother
324 Farewell my dear brethren
269 Far from my thoughts
096 (Kendall), 101 Father of mercies
101 (Stephens), 096 Father of mercies
303 Father, whate'er
257 Fly away to the promised
255 From all that's mortal
309 From every stromy wind
179 From Greenland's icy
155 From whence doth this
249 (Deal Gently With Thy Servants Lord), 281 Gently Lord, O gently lead us
281 (incorrect page number in original), 249 Gently Lord, O gently lead us
240 Glory to God in the Highest
268 Go when the morning
251 Go worship at Emmanuel's Feet
017 Great God attend
235 Great is the Lord
173 Guide me, O thou
247 Hail, sovereign love
271 Hail, sweetest, dearest
265 Hail, thou blest morn
285 Hail, ye sighing sons
314 Happy soul, thy days
296 Happy the spirit
051 Hark from the tombs a doleful sound
161 Hark, my soul, it is
262 Hark, the pealing
229 Hark! The vesper hymn is stealing
255 Hearken ye sprightly
290 Hear the royal
253 Here o'er the earth
228 Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth
153 Hosannah to Jesus
152 How blest is our brother
249 How blest the righteous
094 How can I sink
204 (Edinburg), 281 How cheering the tho't
204, 281 (Angels Visits) How cheering the tho't
260 How firm a foundation
346 How happy is the man
146 How happy is the pilgrim's
262 How lost was my condition
297 How painfully pleasing
040 How pleasant, how divinely
341 How precious is the Name
274 How sweet to reflect
154 How tedious and tasteless
054 How vain are all things
340 How vain is all beneath
242 (Heavenly Vision) I beheld and, lo! a great multitude
197 I have fought the good fight
336 I have sought
220 (Funeral Anthem) I heard a great voice from heaven
327 I love the holy Son of God
328 I love this pure religion
110 I love thy kingdom, Lord
085 (Woodstock), 103 I love to steal a while
103 (Florence), 085 I love to steal a while
282 I'm a lonely traveller
329 I'm on my way to Canaan
252 I saw a wide and well-spread
232 I will arise
043 Incumbent on the burning sky
331 In evil long I took delight
315 It is not that my lot is low
320 It was not sleep
201 (I Would Not Live Alway), 203 I would not live alway
203 (Afton), 201 I would not live alway
071 Jerusalem my
311 Jesus and shall
281 Jesus died on Calvary's
182 Jesus drinks the bitter cup
170 Jesus, I my cross
325 Jesus my all to heaven
096 Jesus the Name
335 Jesus to every willing
296 Joyfully, joyfully
309 Just as I am
252 Let every mortal ear
119 Let party names
347 Let thy kingdom
306 Let worldly minds the world pursue
230 (Dismission) Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing
042 Lord how secure
059 Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear
111 Lord, what a feeble piece Is this our mortal frame
088 Lo what an entertaining
204 Mid scenes of affliction
293 Mid scenes of confusion
319 Morning breaks
292 Mother, I'm dying
301 Mournfully, tenderly
030 My God permit me
086 (Ravenna), 295 My God the spring of all my joys
295 (He Restoreth My Soul), 086 My God the spring of all my joys
097 My span of life
288 Now in a song of grateful
304 O come, come away
019 O could I soar to worlds above
261 O for a closer walk with God
099 O for a heart to praise
304 Oft in the stilly night
192 O how happy are they
256 O land of rest
088 Once more we come
229 [**incorrect number] On Jordan's stormy
287 O no we cannot sing
238 O Praise the Lord with one consent
326 O tell me no more
315 O tell me where
256 O thou in whose presence
287 O thou who driest in the mourner's
264 O turn ye
194 Our Father in heaven
246 Our Father who art in heaven
342 O when shall I see Jesus
310 O Zion afflicted
270 *Parted many a toil-spent year
038 Pass a few swiftly fleeting years
223 (Doxology) Praise God from whom all blessings flow
165 Praise to God
269 (Far From My Thoughts) Prayer is appointed
344 Review the palsied
226 Salvation belongeth unto the Lord
100 Salvation O the joyful
254b Saw ye my Savior
272 See, brothers, see
087 See Israel's gentle
107 See Sodom wrapt
174 See the leaves around us
260 Since man by sin
156 Sinners, turn
176 Sister, thou wast mild
038 (Zephyr), 249 Soft be the gently breathing notes
249 (He Hears Thy Sighs), 038 Soft be the gently breathing notes
275 Soldiers of the cross
120 Soldiers of Christ arise
347 Sovereign grace
300 Spirit, thy labor is o'er
003 Stay, thou insulted
041 Sweet is the work
051 (Dedham), 330 Sweet was the time
330 (Sweet Was The Time), 051 Sweet was the time
305 Tell me, wanderer
266 The chariot
282 The day has come
340 The day is past and gone
207 (Easter Anthem) The Lord is risen indeed, Hallelujah
095 Thee we adore
190 The God of Abraham (Leoni)
332 The great God of love
322 The Lord into his garden
214 (Ode on Science) The morning sun shines from the east
178 The morning light is
339 The old Israelites
263 (The Pearl First), 313 The pearl that worldings covet
313 (The Pearl Second), 263 The pearl that worldings covet
334 The pure testimony
343 There comes a day
078 There is a foundation
049 There is a land
227 There is an hour
261 There's not a bright
303 There's not a star
274 There's not in this wide
035 The wondering world
306 The vernal flowers
014 Thine earthly Sabbaths
258 (My Mother's Last Gift), 308 This book is all
308 (The Family Bible), 258 This book is all
273 This world is all a fleeting show
273 This world's not all a fleeting show
250 (*The Gospel Feast) Those evening bells
222 (Scotland) Thou art gone to the grave
223 (Thou Art Gone) Thou art gone to the grave
253 Thou, Lord, reign'st in
205 (Kedron), 285 Thou sweet gliding Kedron
285 (Olivet), 205 Thou sweet gliding Kedron
333 Through tribulation deep
007 Thus far the lord
325 Thy life, I read
159 'Tis a point I long
294 'Tis the last blooming
294 'Tis the last sun
291 To leave my dear friends
288 Tossed upon life's
165 To thy pastures
289 'Twas thus by the glare
241 Unveil thy bosom
216 (Dying Christian) Vital spark of heavenly flame
233 Watchman, tell us of the night
185 Watchman, onward
336 We're travelling home
323 We shall see a light
265 What heavenly music
280 What seraph-like music
089 What shall I render
342 What sound is this
254t (All Is Well) What's this that steals
353 What various hindrances
323 When converts first
332 When for eternal worlds
276 When I can read my
345 When I'm happy
248 When marshalled on
109 When overwhelmed
266 When shall I see the day
270 When shall we all meet again? Oft shall the glowing hope expire
191 (Friendship), 259 When shall we meet again? Meet ne'er to sever?
295 When the spark of life
279 When thou my righteous
307 While life prolongs
333 While nature was
068 While Thee I seek
350 Whither goest thou
013 Who from the shades
041 Who shall ascend
316 With a witness
017 Ye Christian heralds
348 Ye Christian heroes
269 Ye objects of sense
349 Ye soldiers of Jesus
284 Ye who know your sins

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