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Rose of Sharon learning resources

links to YouTube (Sacred Harp, then choirs) and MP3 files (Sacred Harp), in that order

Sacred Harp
Western Mass Sacred Harp   (A flat)
Actual singing starts 0:18
Sacred Harp pages shown on screen in time with the words; very useful.

However, they miss a beat: the rest at the very end of the first line is only given one count, instead of two (i.e. basses come in too soon at the start of the second line on the first page).

Cork Sacred Harp   led by Sadhbh (Cork Sacred Harp Singers) (B flat); a wee bit too high for them, but they do manage to end on B flat. Impressive.
San Antonio Sacred Harp   (A flat) they sing through the shapes first Sacred Harp 254 Rose of Sharon Coker UMC San Antonio Texas July 2011 (A flat)
University Choir   (A as written) (end on A too)
Black-robed choir   (A as written) (high E sounded as starting pitch) (end on A) (A as written)
A Concordia Choir   (A as written) (A as written)
Sqhs Concert Choir   08-09 Spring concert (A as written) (A as written)
Dordt College Concert Choir   (A as written) directed by Dr. Benjamin Kornelis, Spring 2009 (A as written)
Musikanten in Vilnius   Lithuania April 16, 2009 (A as written) (end slightly flat; influence of echoes from that huge space?) (A as written)
    the first minute is set-up (A as written) "Concierto PRAmusica" April 2009 (Tec de Monterrey) (A as written)
MP3 files   These are all MP3 files of Sacred Harp groups.

Nt08 VT10 Bo10 SM10

Ch10 BF10 CA11 WM11

Link to other singings in Los Angeles area
More information on Shape Note Singing in general

In Culver City contact: David Olson (310) 410-9033 for more details.